London Cocktail Week

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London's most vibrant, exciting and cocktail-drenched week will take place again in October, but the excitement will once again last longer than the typical week-long celebration. Yes, London Cocktail Week will return for the entire month of October in 2021.

In a drive to help overcome the crippling impact on hospitality from Covid-19, London Cocktail Week will champion and celebrate the London bar scene this October.

Tickets will go on sale later this year, watch this space.

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Hannah Sharman-Cox and Siobhan Payne, co-owners and organisers of London Cocktail Week, said, "We all hoped that by this time in 2021, the industry would be in a much more positive position, however, the situation for our bars has only become more and more serious. So, once again, we want to step up to the responsibility of what London Cocktail Week can do for our city - it is our duty to use our platform to help rebuild our incredible trade."

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This year, the festival's leading image titled "Resilience" was created by Addie Chin as part of a fundraising campaign for industry collective Our Future Proof. The artwork was given the strapline: "Throw anything at us and we survive. We can take it all. Even balanced so precariously we continue to stand tall."

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