How it works
How it works

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How it works

Once accepted onto the Distill Ventures portfolio, four main areas of support are offered.

1. Investment

Investment comes from Distill Venture's partner, Diageo. To date investments have ranged from £250k to over £10 million.

Each deal is tailored to the specific needs of the business and the stage and rate of growth. A business plan is jointly developed between the entrepreneur and Distill Ventures to establish an appropriate level of funding.

Diageo is a minority investor, enabling the founders of the business to stay firmly in control during key growth stages. However, over time and assuming the business does well, Diageo may wish to acquire the business. This call option is included in all deals, and is for a pre-agreed future point.

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2. Expertise and Partnering

Following an investment into the business the Distill Ventures team will work with the founder to build a growth strategy and a plan to achieve it. A dedicated partner is allocated, someone who is an entrepreneur themselves, with knowledge of how to launch brands, long-term strategic planning and rapid scaling across multiple markets.

Entrepreneurs will also have access to a broad network of Distill Venture contacts and partners who have additional experience and skills to leverage, from brand building to liquid development to driving growth in North America.

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3. Partner networking

The team at Distill Ventures has a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the drinks start-up market. Combined with an external community of drinks experts and partnership with Diageo they present an unrivalled level of networking opportunities for founders to benefit from.

Diageo provides access to over 25,000 drinks professionals, offering support on technical, financial, product, legal, commercial and marketing experience.

Distill Venture's own network of external drinks specialists provide access to importers, distributors, bartenders, recruiters, PR agencies, designers and more.

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4. Access to North American market

Redwood Brands has been created by Distill Ventures as a US based sales platform. Its aim is to help mitigate the inefficiencies and obstacles that brands often face when entering this market and striving to obtain top tier accounts.

Redwood Brands was established in recognition of the need for on-the-ground knowledge and expertise of the American market. Managing the relationship between brands and local distribution partners this extension of the sales team enables founders to concentrate on marketing and building brand awareness.

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