What is Garnished with Good?

Welcome to Garnished with Good, an initiative presented by Ketel One Vodka to encourage bartenders all over the world to think about how their cocktails can deliver a positive impact.

"Together, we can make a difference, and inspire each other to do better by nature, and better by each other, every single day."

Ketel One Vodka believes that a great cocktail doesn't only taste good, but should do good too. And, as a family-made vodka, they are focused on making a positive impact in local communities. By partnering with their extended family of bartenders the potential impact can be that much bigger, while at the same time raising the standards of cocktails and their creators.

With 'Garnished with Good' Ketel One is striving to empower, recognise and celebrate bartenders who are shaping the future and doing good in their communities.

From raising awareness and encouraging change to making better environmental and social choices, Ketel One Vodka invites bartenders to create remarkable Ketel One cocktails, Garnished with Good. Here we share these stories and drinks.