Back To The Forest

Back To The Forest

By Alessandro Rancan

Representing: Netherlands

"The need for more trees to slow down climate change is incredibly big.
The Netherlands planned to plant 100 million trees by 2030, following the EU promise to plant 3 billion trees by the same year to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 44%.

Besides this goal, an eventual and imminent problem will incur with the plant supply by the nursery and land availability.

More Trees Now looks at nature differently and it promotes circular tree planting, which consists in moving young trees, shrubs and shoots from areas where they are unwanted or grow in abundance and then transplanting where they are actually needed, making afforestation and reforestation affordable, quick and sustainable for civilians, businesses and councils; because every tree counts.

With Back To The Forest initiative, we want to promote and raise awareness of the circular tree planting project Meer Bomen Nu (More Trees Now) amongst guests and bartenders through a bespoke coaster, with a QR code landing on the project description, subscription/ donation page. Furthermore, the cocktail garnish, a pine lollipop, will hold a seed for the guest to bring home, or elsewhere, to plant.

More Trees Now started in the summer of 2020 in the Netherlands and the project is already expanding to Belgium with the first trees transplanted last December. In 2022 the project started having some interest coming from Germany as well, hoping that this way of thinking and taking action would spread further across Europe.

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Back To The Forest

Glassware: Highball
Garnish: Pine lollipop
Method: Add all ingredients into a tall glass with a column of ice, stir to combine and garnish.

50 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
100 ml Cherry and Pine soda

To make Cherry and Pine water:
Combine 400 ml of mineral water with 20 g of pine tops and let it cold infuse for 30'. Pass through coffee filter to remove any sediment.

To make Cherry and Pine soda:
Combine: 300 ml of organic cherry juice, 300 ml of pine water, 1000 ml of mineral water, 9g of malic acid, 19 ml of almond liqueur and 240 g of caster sugar. Stir until dissolved and then carbonate at 4.5 Bar for 3 times. Let it rest in the fridge overnight before using it."