Bee Positive

Bee Positive

Carl d'Alton is the assistant manager of award-winning bar Cask in Cork, Ireland.

Carl's Better Drinking project, Bee Positive, aims to raise awareness of bee pollination. The decline of bees around the world is a concern for many. In Ireland, the bee population has halved over the last 20 years and their numbers continue to diminish heavily.

Bee Positive is an initiative which endeavours to support bees by planting wild flowers, whereby drinks are garnished with a packet of seeds that customers are encouraged to plant, be it in their garden or the roadside.

The message behind Bee Positive is to trough and grow, while striving to "Make your Community a Hive". The project also supports other organisations, including the Irish Men's Sheds Association and Killahora Orchards.

Carl's Ketel One Irish Mule is made using bee pollen butter-washed Ketel One Vodka, grape juice, honey soda and Killahora Pom'O, and is garnished with a Bee Positive packet of seeds.

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