Better together

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Better together

By Benjamin Ebenbauer

Hospitality - to me, it is the perfect word to describe what we do.

Being a host means welcoming someone into your home, your bar or your country.
If you look at the top of our industry, you will find people from all over the world who emigrated and became leading roles in their craft, no matter where they came from.
With this program you will be able to help foreign people in your country to support the thought that, like in a cocktail, "the whole is more than the sum of its parts".

My drink "Same, same but different" connects my home country of Austria with the orient, which we must thank for being able to distil spirits.

When you see this symbol in any bar menu you will know that they support my program, whether through donating a percentage of the marked cocktails revenue, through trainee programs or in other ways.

The language is always one of the toughest challenges when coming to a new country. And what better way is there to learn a language than to talk to lots of different people and bond with your new home and the people living there?

With this thought we try to bring the world population closer together.
Together we are better and together we can change the world!

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Same, same but different

Glassware: Cocktail Glass - Nick and Nora
Garnish: Honey rim with walnuts & pistachios
Method: Stirred

50ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
30ml Crazy Coffee cordial (consists of coffee beans, cardamon pods, vanilla and jasmine)
10ml Amaretto
5ml Fino Sherry

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