By Martin Župina

Representing: Slovakia

"I made a drink which is called Blooming. And I really would like to bloom our community in the terms of drinking better and more sophisticated drinks and as well to make sure that we start to take care about the nature more.

My drink is the Martini which the Ketel One vodka was made with nutty flavoured Balance dry vermouth from Slovakia. Service is made from 100 years recycled wood which the company St.vol from east of Slovakia made for me. Main point behind is to don't use all the time new wood but you could do it as well from recycled one.

My 'garnish with good' aspect is the business card with the QR code next to the cocktail. But this card is special because it's made from the raising paper. It means that inside of that card are the meadow flower seeds. So if you pour water over it then after some time the flowers start to bloom from it.

The Martini is not a super popular drink in Slovakia - that's the reason why I chose it and asked the three best bars in Slovakia which are SKY Bar, Michalská cocktail room and Antique American Bar to co-operate with me which you can see in the video.

So we try to teach people to drink this beautiful cocktail especially with ratio 60ml:20ml. Last one with card could grow the nature by themselves by buying a drink. Money from this project will go to the organisation called Climate Needs You from Slovakia.

Let's Help the nature together.

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Glassware: Coupe
Garnish: Lemon twist, Acorn parfume, business card
Method: Stir all ingredients with ice.

60 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
20 ml Nutty Vermouth

To make Nutty Vermouth:
Combine together 20ml Balance white / dry vermouth from Slovakia/ with 1 dash of Walnut Bitters"