Break Bread Collective

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Break Bread Collective

By Pablo Prufer

These are very difficult times for all of us, people need help and they are crying out for a chance to get back on their feet; many times without even having something to put on their tables other than bread and water.

That is why the collective Break Bread was born.

That simple gesture of breaking bread between two people who share and teach each other with love.

We seek to provide knowledge and skills in the hospitality industry, in order to give new opportunities to people through "responsible sponsorships" of people specialized in FF&BB. This will contribute by delivering professional quality to gastronomic establishments and can create 100% trained and professional individuals. Also, the entrepreneurs looking for new projects see in the gastronomic field a fertile ground to grant job opportunities.

Our sponsorships team is conformed by specialists in the hospitality field in different areas and establishments. They will train our sponsored for free in different areas; from understanding languages such as English / Spanish / Creole, to processes of costing menus and profits of establishments. Also transmitting knowledge in cocktails, wines, as well as back of the house and service.

Then our sponsors enter a database where the employer accesses our platform and the collective is in charge of selecting the right person for their project; thus satisfying their needs.

Welcome to BBC.

And you, who would you break bread with?

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Building Dreams

Glass: Cocktail Glass - Mixology Coupe
Garnish: Mint Paper
Method: In our dear shaker the first thing we will add will be the ice cube and then shake so that our work tool is prepared for the mixing of flavors inside it. Later we will remove the defrost and begin with the symphony of flavors. The first thing we will add will be our cold extracted white mint syrup and then filtered (20cc). Immediately its scent will take us to the 80's where this syrup and ingredient had its days of glory. But now with a little reversion we will enjoy it again.

The next move we are going to make is to add our break bread infusion. A water that symbolizes effort, affection, tenacity and the desire to get back up (60cc). The scent of bread takes us away to those memories of breakfast and warm moments. As it also reminders us the challenge of standing up and carrying on. We continue in our cocktail and add 10cc of malic solution, in order to balance and give freshness to our preparation. Finally, we add the ginda of the cake. Ketel one vodka which will add all the power and strength we need to get back up and pursue our dream (70cc) then we add more ice cube, close our shaker and shake strong and with energy thinking of everything we help, and that bread is what brings us and that we are closer than we believe.

We finally serve in our previously refrigerated glass with the help of a fine strainer and finally decorate with our bread and mint paper. Health! And you with whom would you party the bread? Syrup of white mint. In a siphon add 150 grams of mint (leaves and stems) previously washed and dried. Subsequently add 400cc of purified non-gas water. Seal the siphon and add 2 capsules of co2 and wait 3 hours. Then remove the water and filter it with coffee filters v60. Until it is transparent. Subsequently mix with the sugar in equal parts and make the syrup. Prep ingredient name break bread infusion

70ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
10ml Oloroso Sherry
250g mint
10ml Malic Acid
20g Caster sugar
20ml White Mint Syrup
60ml Break Bread infusion
400ml Purified non-gas water
CO2 capsules

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