Coffee in the community

Coffee in the community

Orlando Marzo is a bartender in Australia and the 2018 World Class Global Champion.

Orlando's Better Drinking project focused on two aspects of sustainability - the environmental impact and the community. He collaborated with a coffee roaster in Melbourne who supports coffee growers in other countries.

In light of this, Orlando cocktail the Expressive Martini is made using Ketel One Vodka, Orlando's own Ketel One cold drip liqueur, cold brew immersion, extracted coffee and panela sugar hand blended with ice.

With sustainability in mind, Orlando explored the coffee waste from roasters, baristas and bartenders in his city. He discovered that a local company Reground can collect and use coffee waste, turning it into compost. The compost is then used as soil for self-watering herb plants.

The coffee waste from 120 Expressive Martinis at Orlando's bar was enough waste to create one of these urban gardens.

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