By Luis Alza

Representing: Peru

"To a certain extent, this cocktail reflects a microcosm of my land. I decided to extract the flavours of the coffee native to this region using the Chemex method due to its clarity and precision to the palate. By combining it with the (coffee) mucilage, the coffee skins/husks infusion, and vodka, we get a rounded flavour and a long finish.

The garnish consists of a tuile made from the leftovers of filtered coffee and liquefied husks, effectively reusing waste materials along the process. My uncle runs a "finca", or coffee estate, where we discovered that these leftovers could fuel the only dedicated mechanical coffee dryer we possess. From this experience, we shared this tip with other producers that do not dry their coffee beans under the sun.

Additionally, every time I use these unwanted products, I am helping my community by exchanging compost (with a very efficient carbon-to-nitrogen ratio) for these coffee leftovers. Doing this benefits their land as the compost improves the soil and reestablishes it back to life, creating, over the years, a circular economy that aids both the producers and the ecosystem of the land where I was born.

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Glassware: Nick & Nora glass
Garnish: Tuile made from Coffee husks and coffee flowers
Method: In a Mixing Glass  add Ketel One and Homemade Coffee Blend, add ice and stir evenly for 35 seconds. Serve in a chilled Nick & Nora glass. Add the tuile on top of the glass and place 2 coffee flowers.

35 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
70 ml Homemade Coffee Blend

To make Homemade Coffee Blend:
Chemex (coffee extraction method) 35 ml
Coffee Mucilage 25 ml
Coffee Husks Syrup 10 ml"