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By Andrii Osypchuk

I believe sustainability should be so integrated into our business that our guests can taste it. I was inspired by the sustainable practices of Ketel One vodka producers. We minimize waste and reduce use of paper & plastic, we grow our own herbs and change the cocktails menu to exploit local produce in season. We share our experiences with other bars in Ukraine and ignite them to join our sustainable practice. To achieve this, we have created a cycle of responsible stewardship that gets attention, encourages others, and helps both our bottom line and the environment. We begin by growing things: mirco-greens on our bar and trees in our city.

When we opened in 2019, I dedicated a portion of revenue and staff time to planting fruit trees around town. We use fruits from these trees in our cocktails. The Spring Bang, the flagship drink of this project, features blossoms from one of those trees, mixed into a soda made with dissolved eggshells, which boosts nutrition and reduces waste. Then we add Ketel One vodka and a cordial made from sunflower micro-greens grown in a mini-garden in our bar.

All these efforts wouldn't matter if we continued to waste paper. So we have developed an edible QR code menu in the form of a rice paper lollipop. I recycle the lollipop sticks and turn them into coasters branded with our bar's name.

Our bar's name Sino means "hay": a constant reminder that we must be close to the land. With communal tree-planting days, we will create a local industry-standard of planting trees and using their produce, because we want our fellow citizens to enjoy, promote, and expect the fruits of genuine sustainability.

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Spring Bang

Glass: Highball Glass - Nude Finesse
Garnish: Apple blossom
Method: Fill the glass with ice, pour cordial and Ketel one into the shaker, fill the shaker with ice, hard shake, drain the remaining water from the glass, strain the drink through a strainer to the glass, add soda, stir, add mint as a garnish.

45 ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
15 ml Sunflower Microgreen cordial
90 ml Blossom soda

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