Every little helps

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Every little helps

By Ricardo Rojas

Every little helps. I have always regarded the hospitality industry as one big family and the success of any family lies on its unity and the ability to be there for each other specially during the toughest of times.

During the last year, a third of the workforce in the hospitality industry in Panama have lost their jobs. That means that over 32,000 colleagues have been affected nationwide and are currently unable to provide for their families.

Seeing first-hand the damage in the industry, I feel compelled to act. My goal is to help on a weekly basis 50 colleagues and their loved ones and what better way to do it than joining forces with our local World Class community. To begin with, myself and 10 other World Class bartenders will activate the "Every Little Helps" cocktail in 6 accounts across Panama City. 40% of the sales of this cocktail will be used to purchase supermarket and pharmacy vouchers, as well as basic biosecurity product for our colleagues and their families. Furthermore, the cocktail is presented with a QR code where customers will find information about this initiative and even have the option to donate.

Sadly enough the hospitality industry is not the only one affected, local producers have been particularly impacted and with this fact in mind the shrub used in the cocktail uses 100% locally sourced ingredients.

There is family you are born into and there is family you make regardless of which you are nothing without each other's help.

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Every Little Helps Cocktail

Glass: Highball Glass - Tapered Highball
Garnish: Put dry lime in the top and the Culantro leaf with a small wooden hairpin on the rim
Method: Put the ice in the highball glass. Add all the ingredients, stir and incorporate.

1 ½ oz Ketel One Family Made Vodka
1 ½ oz Watermelon and Culantro Shrub
¾ oz Lime Juice
2 oz Ginger Ale
Garnished with a dehydrated lime wheel and culantro leaf
Watermelon and Culantro Shrub:
2 oz Rice Vinegar
6 oz Watermelon syrup (1000gr watermelon, 250ml water, 1000gr sugar, blend everything together and strain twice with a cheese cloth).
4 culantro leaves
In a blender add 2 oz Rice Vinegar, 6 oz Watermelon syrup and the 4 culantro leaves and blend. Then fine strain everything though a cheese cloth.

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