First steps matter!

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First steps matter!

By Yegor Pereuzenko

My name is Yegor! Iam of Ukrainian descent. I immigrated to Israel in 2017, along with 28,400 others.

It's projected that by the end of 2021, 90,000 new emigrants will make Israel their new home. That will be a staggering addition to the population. Many of these new emigrants lack the basic knowledge of their new chosen country. They face numerous challenges and barriers, language being one of them. They clearly require help and support to integrate into the community. Though the country offers numerous incentives and support, what is clear is for them to acquire occupations that they can benefit from financially and make the transition of integration that much easier.

My vision is to offer them employment in the service industry.Working at the back of house, in restaurants, cafes, and bars. I believe that these first steps will fast track their transition into the community. Speaking from experience of course. I have seen the importance of integrating into the society ASAP. I believe that this small gesture will be deemed as a stepping stone to finding new profession and thus becoming a valuable addition to the nation. By bringing more human resources into our industry(service industry), it is my belief that it will enable us to create more complex products and bring our industry into the next level, whilst providing a worthy service for my fellow immigrants.

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GBL(Ginger Bergamot Leather)

Glass: Highball Glass - Nude Finesse
Garnish: Garnish for the drink 3D printed honeycomb, glass straw and leather coaster.
Method: Shake in cobbler shaker 40ml Ketel One, 10ml agave, 20ml lime juice and 30ml Italicus. Fine strain on top of hoshizaki ice cubes and top up with ginger beer. Place the glass into 3D printed honeycomb and close the lead. Place the straw and leather coaster on top of it for bringing leather aromas to the drink.

40ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
30ml Italicus Liqueur
20ml Lime Juice
10ml Agave Syrup
100ml Ginger Beer

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