Fix & Fizz

Fix & Fizz

By Karolis Jauniškis

Representing: Baltics

"My inspiration for this cocktail was my own bartender community in Vilnius, Ketel One family and their care for the community. Driven by these thoughts I wanted to help my own community and help improve their daily lives, because they feel like family to me.

I have noticed that we, the bartenders and staff of the HoReCa sector, tend to forget one of the basic necessities - drinking enough water during our shifts. It might seem strange, but during our work, drinking water tends to be the last of our priorities. So we created a card as a cocktail garnish to add to my cocktail to spread awareness and give the power to the guests to remind the staff to drink some water. Ordering my simple and refreshing cocktail Rejuvenation they will get a card with a short explanation of the concept and I hope by returning the card they will remind the staff member of the importance of hydration. Sometimes to be efficient and on top of our game, we just need to drink enough water.

The cocktail I have chosen as my inspiration was the screwdriver, one of the most known and recognized drinks in Lithuania, with my twist on it I want to help spread as much awareness of this problem as I can.

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Fix and Fizz

Glass: White wine glass
Garnish: Two thin slices of cucumber and tie a small bow tie with the card on the string on the wine glass. The card should be punched with a paper puncher to create the hole for the bow tie string to pass through.
Method: Build in a glass. First, add ice to wine glass, stir the ice to chill the glass, strain the water out, add Ketel one vodka, add the soda. Stir ingredients to mix them, add two slices of cucumber and for finish slide the card with a bow tie on top (should be prepared in advance).

50 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
100 ml Three cents Bergamot & Mandarin Soda"

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