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By Simone Molè

Bars are universal stress-relief places. #NoStress begins at Neo in Cefalù and aims to bring people into a #Nostress lifestyle.

It's a network based on a 1.5 million people community and 250 bars. The drink is based on Mediterranean ingredients and my bar is the trigger.

When a guest orders a #Nostress drink, receives a seeds-bomb and a QR access to our app, and the enjoyment begins.

They can start to grow their own sustainable garden, the first step to a calm, green living. Herbs are the soul of the project: thyme ciliatus becomes your yoga mat; lavender relieves stress; stevia is a sustainable sweetener, used for Fervida, a probiotic fermentation helping floral bacteria.

Worldwide bartenders and consumers will gain the chance to reconnect with our nature and wellbeing. Through our philosophy, we will create the #Nostress App, a platform that connects guests and businesses. It provides products and services by the involved ones, i.e. masterclasses, podcasts, music, yoga and meditation classes, and merchandise.

We will build a strong community through a #Nostress philosophy and creating smart business opportunities. Bars will receive a fee for each new #Nostress cocktail sold, which is based on local ingredients. Merchants will reach a new audience and the platform will get a fee on the services sold.

#Nostress started local but it is going worldwide, building a huge community with the opportunity to schedule #Nostress trips and journeys. All the operators involved will obtain free #Nostress services to improve their quality of life and bar career.

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No stress

Glass: Wine and Flute Glasses - Invitation Wine
Garnish: Vegan meringue
Method: For the drink stir down 50 ml of Cordial with 30 ml of Ketel One, pour it in a chilled wine glass, and add 70 ml of soda water. Add ice and garnish with the vegan meringue sandwich (chickpea meringue with the lavender gel)

Ingredients: 30ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
50ml Cordial (Stevia syrup)
70ml Soda Water (Mediterranean water)

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