One Circle & the Nolet Grind

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One Circle & the Nolet Grind

By Sean Eden

Chef Yotam Ottolenghi once said "One man's trash is another man's treasure". Both an inspirational quote and an important mindset to live by. Every year we turn endless amounts of useful ingredients into trash for no apparent reason. Through a bit of creativity, together we can grow a stronger community and move towards a more sustainable world. This is the One Circle Ketel One project.

The One Circle Ketel One project is a local platform where bars and restaurants can trade unused produce that we normally throw away on a daily basis. On this platform you can post your requests for produce, share recipes, and offer ingredients you are willing to donate or trade.

We strive to grow a stronger community where we can inspire and encourage each other and maybe even turn strangers into friends.

Sweden is the top 10 coffee consumers in the world, this is why I have chosen to use leftover coffee grounds in my signature cocktail, Nolet Grind. During this process I re-use coffee grounds to create the Nolet Grind coffee syrup. Thereafter I dehydrate the grounds and package them into a sustainable body scrub. These free packages are marked with a QR-code that led to a donation to the non-profit organization "We Effect". Through the One Circle Ketel One project we can help lower the carbon footprint one step at a time, starting with one small idea and one small, discarded seed.

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Nolet Grind

Glass: Rocks Glass - Nude Finesse
Method: Add Ketel One and leftover coffee syrup into mixing glass and stir cold with ice cubes.
Strain into frozen glass (Nude Finesses) and add 5x5 ice cube.
Float 22ml salted cream, use a jigger for this. It will be 1 cm layer of salted cream.
Shake cream lightly in a 2 tin shaker. (same texture as "irish coffee" cream).
Add salt and gently stir until the salt has dissolved.
Store cold. If cream is prepared in advance do not add salt until just before serving.

50 ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
25 ml Nolet Grind Coffee syrup
22ml Salted Cream

Nolet Grind coffee syrup:
800g Leftover coffee grounds (Leftover from brewing filter coffee)
600g Caster Sugar
350ml Water
0,9 g Cardamom pods.
Crush the cardamom pods carefully.
Add all ingredients into sous vide bag and vacuum seal.
Place the syrup bag into sous vide at 58C for 4 hours.
Fine strain syrup in chinois. Extract as much liquid as possible before discarding any coffee grounds.
Strain again through muslin cloth.
Total liquid should be ca 450ml.
Decant into clean bottle and store in fridge.
Salted Cream
400 ml Heavy Cream
3.7g Sea Salt Flakes

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