Project K.O.R.N

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Project K.O.R.N

By Aldrin Ivan Ancheta

I loved this "native" corn variety that we have in the country, the native white and yellow corn variety is my all-time favorite. It started when my mother introduced that to me some 30 years ago. I never thought that this breed will be in trouble simply because the demand and the operating cost to have this is too high with minimal gain is something that the farmers can't afford. It is with that reason that I decided to help out in my own small way to create awareness by highlighting this local breed to promote and generate demand.

This year supply has been more scarce even for consumers as they are not selling this for financial reasons all the more I've decided to highlight this in our bar and encourage other bars here to highlight their local variant in their drinks. It might not be the famous and easy route but it is indeed rewarding having to have a localized twist of drinks/ingredients.

My main tool for the corn is to incorporate it in a wonderful beverage I've learned while running the bar at a restaurant, Chichamorada. It is indeed a wonderful one with Purple corn but using the local variant here and in your country is not bad at all too. Easy and healthy. It's something that I think can help to promote my cause and have people enjoy it as well. A variation of Moscow Mule with ginger shrub and Chichamorada with Ketel One is good, especially in Manila Summer. People can enjoy it while learning of local variety in each country is a win-win for me.

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Manuyo Mule

Glass: Rocks glass - Batch Old Fashioned
Garnish: Toasted corn cob and lightly burnt ginger strip
Method:Mix Ketel One, Chicha morada, Ramazotti and demerara syrup into the shaker
Shake hard and pour onto the glass (single strain)
Top off with prepped Ginger Soda
Garnish with Toasted Corn Cob and lightly Burnt Ginger strip

45ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
10ml Ramazotti amaro
30ml Local Chicha morada
20ml Ginger shrub
100ml Ginger soda
7.5ml Demerara sugar
2 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters
75ml Soda water