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Share The Kode

By Matteo Moscatelli

Share The Kode means connections, sharing, beliefs, human interaction and digitalization. Share The Kode is a digital platform that bartenders and the community can use to find the best and sustainable fruits, vegetables and spices (for this beta version) in the community where they work. Whether it is a small farmer market, a local farmer or foragers, Share The Kode is showing you where they are located on a map. Additionally, Supermarkets that have fruits and vegetable leftover at the end of the day can also signal their location on the map of the platform.

Share The Kode gives you the possibility to check a wide range of recipes for many of the products sold from the markets. It will be possible to find either very simple syrup or a more complex recipe from the best bartenders in the world from the World Class family. It also provides links to PubChem, the biggest database for allergens and reactions between compounds, to give you a tool to work in the safest way possible.

Every purchase made on "Share The Kode'' has also a 10% of the price already calculated to sustain philanthropic projects for your community. Those projects are chosen by your bartender community, so they will represent you and your country and help more people all together.

Let's bring the communities together and, with your personal touch, make a better world for all.

The platform and the app will be developed in collaboration with local IT companies in a beta version and tested for the city of Zurich.

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Ficus et Parvulus martini [FeP Martini]

Glass: Cocktail Glass - Nude Terroir Coupette
Garnish: Pickled fig
Method: Stir and strain

Ficus et Parvulus martini [FeP Martini]:
50ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
7.5ml Fig leaves cordial (pre-sent)
2 dash PX Sherry
3 spray on the glass of Fig leaves Perfume