Smiling Face

Smiling Face

Han Wei Yu

Representing: Taiwan

"With the pace of life today, society has been ladened with anxiety and restlessness. This is especially acute in cosmopolitan areas due to the intense pressures and competitions. We believe that bartenders could play a crucial role in soothing the troubled souls, increase awareness of the mental issues and raise funds in an environmentally friendly fashion. The holistic efforts aims to create a powerful and lasting movement.  Project 'Smiling Face' takes a multifaceted approach:

1. Design unique cosmopolitans - "Garnished with good" in practice 
Creating a unique ritual paired to a signature cosmpolitan cocktail.  Let customers write their "worries" on a fragrance blotter, symbolically burn "worries" away in flames while releasing soothing fragrance.  Their "worries" will be flushed out of blotters that become a "good" garnishment.

2. Make spreading the messages and raise funds easily
Produce a bottled cordial that could be used by bartenders to easily create this cocktail. It will touch a wide audience quickly. The commitment to donate sales proceeds of the cordial to mental health foundations makes it possible to translate bartenders' passion in increasing awareness.  

3. Solidify impacts without waste
Cement the impacts by recycling our cordial leftovers for "Smiling Hand Cream", a product that leaves lasting reminders and fragrance for sure to bring smiles to your face.  More importantly, the proceeds will help further our goals in helping mental health initiatives.  Mental health issues had been long ignored by the society. We would like to invited bartenders to join us to face it with our most heartfelt smiles.

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Smiling Face :)

Glassware: Wine Glass
Garnish: Fragrance Blotter
Method: Stir all ingredients for 15 seconds.

45ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
90ml Smily Cordial

To make Smily Cordial:
1.300g Singleton 12y / 2g Mt. Lemmon Marigold /2g lemon verbena / 8g Earl Grey Tea / sous vide 60°C for 1 hour and filter, you can get "Floral cordial"
2. Pour in 120g milk, 160g lychee juice, 300g floral cordial,20g lime juice in that order and wait 30 minutes.
3.Use a coffee filter to clarify, you can get"Floral cordial v2"
4.Mix in the following proportion to produce " Smily Cordial"
300g Floral Cordial v2 / 300g Chrysanthemum tea / 25g Perilla liqueur / 25g Lavender syrup / 25g Osmanthus syrup / 50g Honey / 5g malic acid"