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By João Sancheira

Ahoy! I am João Sancheira, a bartender in Lisbon Portugal. My origins stem from Caldas da Rainha, a town where everybody knows each other. Small towns anchor a great sense of community, and inspired by this, I have designed my community project around building my bartending community from the ground up, and proudly "Taproots" is born.

I have discovered a piece of land on which bartenders can begin to farm. It will be our farming community! Our organic waste can be put to good use, closing the need to become more sustainable by providing rich compost with which we can farm our own produce, after being upskilled on farming of course. This farm will be our foundation, our root so to speak. I also intend to initiate a series of pop-up projects in different local bars in Lisbon for unemployed bartenders to work.

We will go from bar to bar serving my Ketel One serve on tap! The Cooperative Mule! From these pop-ups, we can donate 50% of the profits to go to the unemployed bartenders who work the pop-up along with myself.

Both the bartender and bar will join our farming community and will have a chance to own a piece of land that they can farm. We want to boost these bartenders financially, help them grow and celebrate with them at what they do best! We will create, from the literal ground up, new experiences for our guests. "Taproots" may be a play on words, but a taproot is composed of the main root with smaller roots that grow from it, and that's our goal, to help those around us to grow.

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Cooperative Mule

Glass: Rocks Glass - Allegra Whiskey
Garnish: Big fresh Basil leaf
Method: This drink is built straight into the glass
For the Basil and coriander Chlorophyll Cordial: 1st step: Add the 25gr of citric acid into the 500ml of soda water, and dilute
2nd step: Add both the herbs to the now acid soda water, and grind them with a hand blender
3rd step: filter the mixture through a Superbag or cheesecloth
4th step: it should yield at least 450ml, reserve the filtered mixture in a container in a fridge, the shelf life is about 6 to 8 hours
The drink is built right into the glass

50ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
50ml Basil and coriander Chlorophyll Cordial.
10ml signature syrup
10ml olive brine
100ml Ginger beer

For the Basil and coriander Chlorophyll Cordial:
500ml soda water
100gr fresh basil
50gr fresh coriander
25gr citric acid