The Triad Collective

The Triad Collective

By Massimo Zitti

Representing: Canada

"My Ketel One serve is a reflection of what truly matters in my life: Music, Family & Sustainability.

One of the best parts of my day is playing music with my daughter, in a band we've created together called "Smiles" which regularly performs in bars & restaurants around the city. Inspired by the joy she has found in music, I've created a Ketel One serve (and a spirit-free option) which is being sold in several restaurants throughout Toronto, and will directly help aspiring musicians by fundraising to help them purchase new instruments and equipment, as well as provide awareness of new and upcoming talent in the community.

This initiative is also partnered with the Junos, the famous Canadian Music Award program, which will provide substantial visibility.

The Triad Collective is heavily inspired by the zero waste philosophy we currently execute at my small cocktail bar, Mother. Ketel One is blended with a housemade kombucha made from an upcycled product that is blended with spent herb and citrus trimmings, then augmented with plum wine and infused with Local Canadian Cedar. The drink is then garnished with a brush of lacto-Canadian grapes which I reduce into an "edible paint". 

Mother, Junos and Ketel One Vodka have incredible things in common, caring for the future of our global family; so, inspired by art, music, and family, I present The Triad Collective.

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The Triad Collective

Glass: Cobbler
Garnish: Edible lacto-fermented grapes paint
Method: Pour 4oz into a stirring vessel and stir with ice.
Garnish the glass with edible paint and pour the drink over a chilled cobbler glass.

35 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
90 ml Spent Mother Cordial

To make Spent Mother Cordial:
200g Mother Kombucha (made from the leftovers of every brewing cycle)

300g filtered water
200g white sugar
100g light brown sugar
5g citric acid
1g Malic acid


300g Mother Cordial
100g plum wine
450g Ketel 1

Infuse with spent tarragon & Canadian cedar for 1 hour at 55* degrees sous-vide. Filter & bottle."