Tourist in the City

Tourist in the City

By Machi Martinez

Representing: Argentina

"For this Ketel One challenge, I called for a talk to my bartender community to expand the sustainability network in my city. In this meeting, I invited our producers Fernando with her organic honey and Maria who has her agroecological farm.

This conveys the importance of knowing the path of our product from the beginning until it reaches the customer, if these products are treated correctly without harming the environment.

But also how to reuse ingredients generating a cocktail bar with 0 waste. That is why "Tourist in the city" was the example for them of how to do things differently at the bar and that these small actions lead us to a path of sustainability.

In this cocktail, we use the waste of our producers.

Part of the honey and air that remains to our beekeeper in the drums and leaves of Yacon (Earth apple) that after the harvest do not use them but with this, we make an infusion with fresh notes of green apple.

This cocktail is a highball based on Ketel One Vodka and a soda from the waste of honey and yacon leaves (Earth apple) highlights those notes of honey and freshness that this vodka has. 

Our decoration is a yacon leaf that transmits to us the principle of things, life, but also that things can be done differently.

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Turista En Mi Ciudad

Glass: Highball
Garnish: Yacon leaves
Method: Build in glass

45 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
120 ml Honey waste soda and yacon leaves

To make Honey waste soda and yacon leaves:
- Make an infusion of the dried yacon leaves 8g per 500 ml of hot water and let stand for 15 minutes.
- In a container, add 200g of honey waste and 300 ml of hot water to make it more liquid
- Then mix the infusion of yacon leaves and honey along with 200 ml of water with 10 g of citric acid.
- Chill until the liquid is at 5°
- Carbonate with injections of C02 at 2 bar of pressure."