Traditional Market Collaboration

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Traditional Market Collaboration

By Yang Hyojune
South Korea

In order to establish prosperous local street markets and community, this project will collaborate with merchants from a local street market, which is the main place for bartenders to get cocktail ingredients. Not only it is expected to promote seasonal product consumption, but it would also allow bartenders to purchase fresh ingredients at a reasonable price.

Such process and final cocktail will be posted on social media to promote a particular marketplace at a month, and 5% of total monthly cocktail sales will be paid back to the seller by a local voucher, building a "win-win" relationship among street markets, bars, and the local community.

Despite of all the advantages that street markets offer such as products' freshness and reasonable prices, it recently has lost many customers due to their busy lives and COVID-19. Therefore, I came up with this idea to help broadening the street market's market position against their very powerful competitor, large supermarkets.

I believe my project can benefit many in significant ways. In a bar-perspective, it can reduce costs. And it would be an interesting event for the customers. In market-and-merchant-perspective, their products will be exposed to a large number of potential customers; as well as they would get 5 percent of total monthly revenue back.

And lastly, Korea's so-called "Local Currency" or "Local Voucher" (LETS, Local Exchangeable Trading System) can be used like cash but only within a specific local region. So, the project is not limited to a particular shop or market but a community as a whole.

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One Take K-Mule

Glass: Allegra whiskey glass
Garnish: Lime & Angostura bitter & Korea style aromatic steam (Korean style Aromatic steam = Dry mugwort & Lime peel & Dry ice & Hot Water)
1. Cut the lime in half
2. Squeeze fresh lime juice out of it(1/2 of lime) and pour the lime juice into a copper distiller.
3. Inside the leftover lime peel (1/2 lime which you've used to make a lime juice), put 6 dashes of Angostura bitter. - This is going to go on a garnish on a final cocktail. So keep them for the next step.
4. Make 3~4 lime peels using the other 1/2 of lime, and put them into a copper distiller
5. Put dry mugwort, dry ice and hot water into a copper distiller. If you see a smoke, please close a lid. Make sure the spout of a distiller is pouring the smoke into a glass so that the aromatic flavour can go into a drink.
6. Put the garnish you've made in step 3 onto a final cocktail.

40ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
10ml Fresh yuzu Juice
15ml Red apple juice
15ml Barley & cinnamon syrup
50ml Ginger Beer

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