Uniendo Sabores 

Uniendo Sabores 

By Jesus Muñoz

Representing: Panama

"It is a project that firstly consists of creating a garnish made from cocoa for the cocktail with the same name.

Félix Candanedo is a pillar in our project who, with a group of 40 women, works on cocoa production where Félix saw an opportunity to work cocoa in the most effective way, hand-in-hand with his community. This is located in the CACAO community of Capira.

It will be sold into 10 of the top bars in the country and the proceeds collected from this sale will be used to create a web page where we will integrate various projects of WORLD CLASS Panama in previous years and different local producers so that they have more direct and close exposure to consumers without intermediaries.

The idea is to be able to provide them with a space where they can make their products available to bars, restaurants or anyone who wants good quality products at a fair price.

The web page will not only enable the sale of products, but we will also have educational tools of great value for the consumer, for example: a dynamic table where we can see the different seasons of the year when certain products are produced, as well as a locator map that puts you in contact with the producer closest to your bar or your location, this will reinforce our motto "from the field to the glass" in this way we will have access to unique, top quality products.

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Uniendo Sabores

Glassware: Old-fashioned glass
Garnish: Grated chocolate rim

45 ml Ketel One Family-Made Vodka
30 ml Strawberry shrub
7.5 ml Palomino fino sherry
22.5 Cacao-infused vermouth
4 dashes Orange bitters

To make Strawberry shrub:
- Combine 100grams of granulated white sugar with 90ml of balsamic vinegar.
- Mix well until all the sugar is diluted.
- Add 360 grams of strawberries to the mix.
- Allow to macerate for 24 hours.
- Fine Strain and bottle.

To make Cacao-infused vermouth:
- Add 500 mll Sweet Vermouth in a siphon.  
- Add 150 grams Cacao nibs.
- Charge with 2 NO2 charges.
- Allow to macerate for 5 hours.
- Fine Strain and bottle."