What Are You Hungry For?

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What Are You Hungry For?

By Bianca Lima

Scenario analysis

Brazil is rich in different natural resources, still, the poverty numbers increased from 9.5 million to 27 million in just one year. " What are you hungry for?" is a project that born to help the ones who are starving and have restricted access to education. Nourishing the body and soul is the main goal to help the ones in need to build a better future for themselves.

What are you hungry for?

This project is designed to help people in vulnerable situations due to the impact of the pandemic. In a safe way, we will encourage food, clothes and books donations. We'll collect the donation in local bars and restaurants. This is our way to help the ones in need in a local community.

Project impact

Social media is an effective way to expand and impact our local community. Many restaurants, bars and bartenders will collab and support the "What are you hungry for?" campaign. To help with logistics and distribution, we will work together with Rotary from Brazil (A non-Governmental Organization) to collect and correctly distribute donations.

Three Treasures Cocktail

This human need to nourish body, heart and soul made me think of a typical Brazilian fruit with great nutritional potential: açaí. Mixed with Bianco Vermouth, it brings delicate fruity notes. Ketel One, Bianco Vermouth and Apricot Brandy, will remind us that each one of us doing our part, we will change the course of things.

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Three Treasures

Glass: Cocktail Glass - Speakeasy Cocktail
Garnish: Big sage leaf
Method: Prepare the vermouth infused with açaí with a max of 24 hours in advance so as not to lose the freshness of the mix.
Sequence: Ketel One - Apricot brandy - Vermouth.

60ml Ketel One Family Made Vodka
30ml Dolin Blanc
7ml Apricot Brandy

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