2021 Initiatives
2021 Initiatives

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2021 Initiatives

Building on community-led projects already inspired by the Hive Collective, Ketel One once again challenged bartenders to participate as part of Diageo Reserve's World Class competition.

The following finalists were all asked to use the breadth of their creativity and a flair to use mindfully sourced ingredients to create an inspired Ketel One Vodka serve that impacts people, businesses, or a cause in their community through a bartender-led initiative.

As you can see from the breadth of these initiatives, the challenge has inspired the creation of a wide range of projects with a positive impact on communities around the world but the one that stood out most for the judges was Evan Stroeve and his Martini Syndicate.

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Ketel One Hive Mind image
Garden of Balance image
Break Bread Collective image
The Good Samaritan image
Taproots image
One Circle image
Project K.O.R.N (Ketel One Resourceful Neighborhood) image
Turning Mirrors into Windows image
On Our Lips image
Ingrained image
Make Earth Colorful Again image
Ketel One Symbiotic Serve – The Wheel of Teal image
Traditional Market Collaboration image
Bartender's Promise image
Cleaner & Greener image
Better together image
Hydrophonic Garden image
Connecting roots image
Schedule One! image
The Hand Up Mentorship Program image
Square One image
Raise a Glass image
The Botanical Balcony Club image
Comunidad Caribe image
Every little helps image
The Martini Syndicate image
Leaders of Change Jocotenango image
Rebuilding Kumamoto Castle image
Ketel One For Each One image
Share The Kode image
#Nostress image
One Giant Cause image
Ecomanifest image
Zest of Happiness image
First steps matter! image
The bounce back initiative image
So Fresh & So Glean image
What Are You Hungry For? image
By Growing Together image
Ugly Fruit Project image
Coffee Collective image
Community Garden image
Secrets for a longer life... image
Energy Brings Back Energy image
ReBread Society image
Joy Comes In The Morning image
Bee Grown Up image
The Butterfly Community image
One Drink One Bartender image