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Plymouth Gin

Back in 2008, Plymouth gin was awarded Protected Geographical Status (PGI) under European Union law. This stipulated that only gins produced in the southwest English city of Plymouth with a minimum alc./vol. of 37.5% and with a predominantly juniper flavour could be described as being Plymouth gins.

This was an example of bizarre European legislation as Plymouth Gin was, and remains, a registered trademark (presently owned by Pernod Ricard) so preventing any other gins made in the city of Plymouth under the PGI being able to describe themselves as Plymouth gins.

However, in November 2014 a statement from Pernod Ricard announced, "We have decided to withdraw our support of the Protected Geographic Indication for Plymouth Gin." This was in advance of the EU requiring all producers holding PGI status to specify what geographical and organoleptic characteristics of their product justified PGI status by February 2015.