Fresh Fruit Martinis
Fresh Fruit Martinis

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Fresh Fruit Martinis

Words by Simon Difford

These fruity Neo-Martinis emerged and became very popular in London during the 1990s where they were particularly synonymous with the Met Bar, a member's bar that was so fashionable that it became famous for A-listers being refused entry.

At their simplest Fresh Fruit Martinis, or "Fruitinis", are vodka-based with fresh fruit juice, or indeed vegetable juice and a splash of sugar syrup. When made with freshly pressed/squeezed or muddled fruit, and the right balance of sugar, these can be very tasty crowd-pleasing cocktails. It's only the misappropriation of the name "Martini" that might offend some.

Top 10 Fresh Fruit Martinis

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Watermelon Martini
With: vodka, muddled watermelon and sugar syrup.
We say: Generous

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Pineapple & Cardamon Martini
With: vodka, muddled watermelon and sugar syrup.
We say:Created in 2002 by Henry Besant, as the name suggests this vodka based cocktail does indeed have pineapple and cardamom.

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Apple Martini
With: vodka, apple juice and sugar syrup
We say:If freshly pressed juice is used it's as good if not better than other Apple Martinis.

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Kee-Wee Martini
With: gin, kiwi fruit, fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup.
We say:The citrus hints in the kiwi combine brilliantly with the gin and fresh lemon juice.

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Melon Martini
With: vodka, fresh cantaloupe melon and sugar syrup.
We say:Probably the most popular of all the fresh fruit martinis.

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Blackberry Fruitini
With: vodka, fresh blackberries, orange bitters and sugar syrup.
We say:Vodka-laced rich blackberry fruit with faint zesty orange.

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Raspberry Martini
With: vodka, fresh raspberries and sugar syrup.
We say:Vodka-laced rich berry fruit and dashes of zesty citrus.

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Cherry Fruitini
With: vodka, cherry juice and sugar syrup.
We say:Cherry juice laced with vodka and the merest hint of sweetness.

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Passion Fruit Martini
With: vodka, fresh passion fruit and sugar syrup.
We say:Simple and tasty, harnessing the flavour of passion fruit.

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Cucumber Martini
With: vodka, bison grass vodka, fresh cucumber and sugar syrup.
We say:Cucumber has never tasted so good.

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