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New entries to the Top 100 Cocktails

Most of the 13 new entries for 2023 are well-known classics previously in the Top 100 or hovered just outside. The stand-out exception to this is the Piscola, our highest new entry. Does this mean pisco will be the new mezcal?

The new entries and their position in our Top 100 cocktails.

37. Piscola -this pisco and cola with a couple of dashes of bitters is the highest new entry during 2023. In its native Chile, the 8th of February has been celebrated as Piscola Day since 2003.

58. Blood & Sand - returns to our Top 100 after dropping out in 2021. This fruity Scotch whisky-based classic is down from a high of 48th place in 2018.

71. Fancy Free - this 1930s classic has been given new vitality by modern-day bartenders who have taken in from being a straight-up cocktail served in delicate stemmed glasses and turned it into an improved Old Fashioned served on-the-rocks.

85. Man O' War - Said to be named after an American thoroughbred who won a succession of races in 1919-20, and in recent years has become a cocktail to celebrate the Kentucky Derby – just about the only race Man O' War didn't win.

86. Passion Fruit Margarita - A margarita for fans of 1st place Porn Star Martini. No wonder it's in our Top 100.

87. M & M - whether enjoyed as a sippable shot or on-the-rocks, this simple mix of mezcal and amaro is delicious.

88. Bloody Mary - returning to our top 100 but is still a long way down from its all-time high of 19th position. The Bloody Mary is an incredibly popular brunch cocktail in North America and the UK, and even on aeroplanes, making the transatlantic crossing between the two. However, it is less popular elsewhere and languished at 157th place on Difford's Guide in 2018, 151st in 2017, and 146th in 2016, but it came back into our Top 100 at 26th place in 2019.

89. Nuclear Daiquiri - a new entry at 94th place in 2017. It then dropped out our Top 100 but is a welcome return during 2023.

91. Jammie Dodger - a creamy, fruity, low-alcohol shot named after the British biscuit of the same name.

92. Casino - an Aviation without the crème de violette.

95. Gin & It - this simple mix of gin and rosso vermouth with a dash of orange bitters may date from Frank Meier's 1936 The Artistry of Mixing Drinks but is present popularity is due to support by modern Italian bartenders and vermouth brands. It's also a tasty, classic combination that originates in the Martinez from the 1860s/70s.

97. Zaza - the French answer to the Gin & It actually pre-dates the Gin & It being first documented in the 1908 The World's Drinks And How To Mix Them.

99. Bobby Burns - this classic pretty much boasts its own celebration day on 25th January when it becomes the Burn's Night cocktail, but it's tasty enough to enjoy any night.

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