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Words by Simon Difford

In the near future, when we emerge from this pandemic there'll be huge pent-up demand. Like opening the tap at the end of a high-pressure hose, discerning drinkers will flood into reopened bars to celebrate, meet friends they've not seen for months, start and rediscover relationships, as well as just chew the fat over a drink or three.

Entrepreneurs are used to striving against the odds and we want to celebrate the resolve, cleverness and ingenuity of bar entrepreneurs around the world as they tussle to keep their bars and bartenders in a state of readiness to satisfy what are going to be very thirsty guests.

Due to my own enterprises and mis-adventures (Difford's Guide is not my first rodeo) I have great admiration for entrepreneurs. So when our friends at Havana Club approached us last year with the idea of a Bar Entrepreneur Awards, it struck me that the people who provide the opportunities for bartenders, create valued neighbourhood meeting places and contribute so much to their local economies and communities are worthy of celebration.

As the severity of this pandemic unfolded, once again it was Havana Club who contacted us to ask what they could do to help support the bar entrepreneurs that are digging in to stay open, or if already closed to be ready and able to re-open. The result being 'Entrepreneur Frontline'.

'Entrepreneur Frontline' is a forum for bar entrepreneurs to share their experiences (good and bad), give each other support, and most importantly share thoughts and information to not only help them bring their bar(s) and staff through this pandemic but to emerge in a better position to satisfy the thirst of guests like never before.

As a gesture of support to bar entrepreneurs and their staff, Havana Club are backing us to pay contributors during this difficult period. Writing is never a great paying gig but Havana Club will pay entrepreneurs for their Frontline stories and shared experiences. The amounts will vary depending on the extent of a contribution and Havana Club will also contribute the same again to The Drinks Trust (formerly The Benevolent), or other local hospitality charities dedicated to providing financial and practical support to the drinks industry.

So we are appealing to bar entrepreneurs around the world to become our contributors. You may already have posted great advice for others on social media – but now you have another chance to share with your peers around the world while also raising funds for your staff and The Drinks Trust.

Some of what we think would be most beneficial at this time is survival tips, innovations such as restructuring your business for home delivery, partnering with other businesses, supporting your staff, and mothballing your bar so it's in good shape to reopen.

You can write a piece and send it to us, or just contact us and we'll interview you and write the piece for you. Either way, thanks to the support from Havana Club, we'll immediately send you funds to spend on your bar or the well-being of your colleagues. Best of all, your contribution may help a fellow bar entrepreneur get through this.

If you'd like to contribute Simon.difford@DiffordsGuide.com

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