Art, design and rebranding

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Art, design and rebranding

Connan Henry-Madden of Manchester's Speak in Code has spent lockdown developing his skills in another creative field.

Words by: Connan Henry-Madden, Speak in Code, Manchester

When the world gets flipped upside down there are two ways to approach it; kick your feet up and enjoy the break or bite down and get to work.

Having this time away from being behind the bar I focused my efforts on progressing another passion - graphic design. Outside of the personal and external logo/branding projects we at Speak in Code really took this as an opportunity to up our game on everything. We've re-branded, finished our second menu, built a website and knocked out artpieces for inside of the venue.
(Top image) Speak in Code's new logo mocked up, the logo now embodying the brown hare to signify rebirth, our plant based ethos and our adaptability.

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An art piece inside of our clas'sic's section on our 2nd menu, showcasing a bartender spraypainting graffiti onto a wall in an oil painting style.

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External client work for a grunge apparel company where the logo is both a skull and a mushroom cloud.

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A social mark for a creative drink and food household which sparked during lockdown, documenting all of their creativity and sharing it with the world.