Lockdown lifestyle: Hydrate & cycle
Lockdown lifestyle: Hydrate & cycle

Lockdown lifestyle: Hydrate & cycle

Robin Punton from 99 Hanover Street in Edinburgh has supported his health and wellbeing during lockdown, including cutting out fast food and cycling every day.

Words by: Robin Punton, 99 Hanover Street, Edinburgh

During this lockdown, I've spent 90% of the time getting my sleep cycle back to a day walking level and cycling every day, I've taken up delivering things and also just enjoying the Scottish countryside and Edinburgh city centre. There is a great sense of adventure by going out on a bike and just cycling with no plan at all. It's also been a great way to keep social and distanced from my friends during the endless cycle of Zoom calls and FaceTimes.

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It's brought me a new found love for nutrition and shopping local as for lunch everyday I have the option of a little hole in the wall sandwich shop in the Scottish borders or a mighty bagel from Bross Bagels.

Completely cutting out fast food and the need to be in an endless cycle of Red Bull and cigarettes have been replaced with staying properly hydrated and dropping my cigarette intake drastically. Also reserving drinking for 1-2 nights a week maximum. It's done strides for my mental health and physical health, would recommend it to everyone.

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