No Waste cocktails

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No Waste cocktails

Bartender Pat, from NY American Grill in Glasgow, has been mixing up zero-waste cocktails during lockdown.

Words by: Pat Joyce, NY American Grill

For the past few weeks at home I've been making the most of slowness, something that has taken some effort after being used to always moving at a fast pace. Getting into positive habits like journaling and meditation have helped me find a nice bit of peace in an otherwise chaotic time.

Being stuck inside I've been treating myself to my favourite snacks, including some I don't normally think to buy. In particular I've been snacking on a lot of pistachios and coconut and wanted to make the most of both these delicious flavours, so I played around with the ingredients in my home bar and kitchen to make a tropical drink suited to the warmer days I've been enjoying in Glasgow during my daily outdoor exercise. Aside from the coconut shell - which could be used for kindling in a beach bonfire in less socially distant times - this cocktail is zero-waste.

I made a small batch of pistachio orgeat using 30 grams of unsalted pistachios, 1/2 cup hot (not boiling) water, and 3/4 cup sugar, blending all ingredients until smooth, then straining through two layers of cheesecloth. I used the remaining solid, similar to a sweetened nut butter, in my oatmeal the next day.

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Using the seed and skins of a mango my flatmate had cut up and the water from one coconut, I made a mango-coconut stock by mixing 2oz of sugar in with the pit and peels and two strips of lemon zest, letting the mixture sit overnight, then adding the coconut water and simmering on low heat for 30 minutes.

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As spiced rums go, I always trust Sailor Jerry's. I love the balance of smooth and sweet and find the oaky vanilla notes complement so many flavours without overpowering. One of my best days in hospitality was a bartenders' bowling day in Darwin, Australia sponsored by Sailor Jerry's, and I later used Sailor Jerry's in a riff on a classic Between the Sheets with molasses brandy and a ginger-orange oleo. When I felt a craving for something tiki, I knew where to turn.

No Haste, No Waste

60ml Sailor Jerry's
30ml mango-coconut stock
15ml pistachio orgeat
30ml fresh lime juice

Add all ingredients to a blender with the home freezer equivalent to two scoops of ice, blend until smooth. (Also works shaken if you don't have a blender!) Serve in a coconut or other appropriate fun festive glassware.