Taste of Thailand

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Taste of Thailand

John Bowe shares his cocktail A Taste of Thailand.

Words by: John Bowe

Thailand is a very special place for me, I love the people, the food and the amazing scenery. I regularly go over to Thailand to train Muay Thai which is my other passion as well as mixology and cocktails.

I've been working within the industry for over 10 years working both bar management and the restaurant service side and as well as hosting.

I also have an Instagram page called @boozebybowe where I share my homemade cocktails from my kitchen. I'm very proud of this page and it lets me express my creative side on a platform for people to see. I also use my page to rate and review amazing bars from all over the world.

A Taste of Thailand
Garnish: Mint and passionfruit
Method: Hard shake and double strain into chilled glass

15ml Homemade passionfruit syrup
15 ml Homemade coconut syrup
25ml Mekhong thai whiskey
15ml Lemongrass infused Thai rum
50ml Pineapple juice
Passionfruit pulp

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