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Words by Simon Difford

The following 258* cocktails are preeminent and best-known of the 5,000+ cocktails on Difford's Guide and, subject to ingredients, these are all cocktails that any bartender should be able to prepare on request. I consider at least 200 of these as being the cocktails you should try before you die, but that's a whole other compilation.

These "Hall of Fame" cocktails stand out because they:

  • Are well-known by discerning drinkers, not just bartenders.
  • Appear on cocktail menus internationally.
  • Have proven enduring.
  • Have star appeal and have become household names with bars/products named after them.
  • Have been the subject of books and/or articles.
  • Have been copied and adapted by bartenders other than the originator.
  • Are good drinks worthy of the effort of remaking. [Some more than others!]
  • Can be made from readily available ingredients without pre-preparation. They are "make on-demand" cocktails.

Many of these are vintage "classics" but even these well-established cocktails have numerous recipes. With this in mind, the recipes in my Cocktail Hall of Fame are my own preferred, tried and tested versions. In some cases, these differ considerably from the commonly accepted norm but hopefully, they are special rather than merely normal. In such cases, I have endeavoured to also give the original recipe under my recipe, or link to another page with the original recipe.

If you have a better version of any of these cocktails, then please use the comments box under every recipe to share your version with others. And if you think I have overlooked a cocktail that should be in the Hall of Fame, then please let me know via the comments box below.

To make quicker to access and present in a digestible manner, we have divided these cocktails alphabetically with the aim of presenting 30 or so on each page.

*258 cocktails
There are actually links to 268 cocktail recipes in our Hall of Fame but this includes 3 different ratios for a Straight-up Daiquiri, plus 9 of the 10 Dry Martinis are ostensibly different recipes for the same drink (the other is shaken). Hence, to allow for these I've counted as 258 rather than overstate number. I should add that I foresee adding additional cocktails as their perceived fame warrants.

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