3 Ingredient Cocktails

3-ingredient Cognac cocktails

April Shower image

April Shower

This mustard coloured, medium dry, cognac-based drink harnesses the uniquely herbal edge of Bénédictine.

BBC image


Brandy and Bénédictine (a classic combo) smoothed with cream. Drier than you might expect.

Betsy Ross image

Betsy Ross

Deep burgundy red and boozy. Based on the classic combination of port and brandy, this is a drink to finish a night. (Benefits from some dilution so stir

Bonnie Prince Charles image

Bonnie Prince Charles

Honeyed, spiced cognac with a touch of citrus. But is it fit for a Prince?

Brandy Smash image

Brandy Smash

Sweetened cognac flavoured with mint. Simple but beautiful.

Call Me Old-Fashioned image

Call Me Old-Fashioned

An Old-Fashioned made with cognac instead of whiskey. Works well.

Clockwork Orange image

Clockwork Orange

Neither as memorable nor as controversial as the film but a pleasant orange drink all the same.

Delmonico image


A Sweet Manhattan with cognac substituted for the whiskey.

East India No.2 image

East India No.2

The bitters play a crucial role in the balance of this after-dinner brandy and pineapple cocktail.

French Cocktail image

French Cocktail

A simple riff on the French Martini swapping the usual vodka for the more French cognac. Fruity and easy drinking.

Froupe Cocktail image

Froupe Cocktail

A bittersweet, herbal old-school drink that's in line for rediscovery.

Japanese Cocktail image

Japanese Cocktail

Lightly sweetened and diluted cognac flavoured with almond and a hint of spice.

Millennium Cocktail image

Millennium Cocktail

Somewhat reminiscent of a cognac-laced Hawaiian pizza. Yum!

Corpse Reviver No.1 (Gilberg's recipe) image

Corpse Reviver No.1 (Gilberg's recipe)

Boozy, complex and delicious with attractive apple notes and faint anise absinthe influences.

Ole Cocktail image

Ole Cocktail

Cognac and orange with rich vanilla and delicate spice.

Salvatore Legacy image

Salvatore Legacy

Kümmel's bold caraway, cumin and fennel flavours predominate in this cognac-based after-dinner digestive cocktail.

Saratoga Cocktail image

Saratoga Cocktail

This brandy-influenced Sweet Manhattan is best mixed by throwing and enjoyed when the odd bubble still rests on its surface.

Sidecar (classic spec.) image

Sidecar (classic spec.)

Spirituous and on the tart side of balanced, the sugar rim is considered by some to be integral to this classic cocktail. Dilution is key to perfecting

Very French Martini image

Very French Martini

Cognac, pineapple juice and black raspberry liqueur. OK, so France is not known for its pineapples but I said 'very' not 'totally' French. And yes I know

Young Man Cocktail image

Young Man Cocktail

This particular Young Man is essentially a cognac-based Sweet Manhattan with a splash of orange curaçao – unsurprisingly, the result tastes like an