3 Ingredient Cocktails

3-ingredient Cognac cocktails

April Shower image

April Shower

This mustard coloured, medium dry, cognac-based drink harnesses the uniquely herbal edge of Bénédictine.

BBC image


Brandy and Bénédictine (a classic combo) smoothed with cream. Drier than you might expect.

Betsy Ross image

Betsy Ross

Deep burgundy red and boozy. Based on the classic combination of port and brandy, this is a drink to finish a night. (Benefits from some dilution so stir

Bonnie Prince Charles image

Bonnie Prince Charles

Honeyed, spiced cognac with a touch of citrus. But is it fit for a Prince?

Brandy Smash image

Brandy Smash

Sweetened cognac flavoured with mint. Simple but beautiful.

Call Me Old-Fashioned image

Call Me Old-Fashioned

An Old-Fashioned made with cognac instead of whiskey. Works well.

Clockwork Orange image

Clockwork Orange

Neither as memorable nor as controversial as the film but a pleasant orange drink all the same.

Delmonico image


A Sweet Manhattan with cognac substituted for the whiskey.

East India No.2 image

East India No.2

The bitters play a crucial role in the balance of this after-dinner brandy and pineapple cocktail.

French Cocktail image

French Cocktail

A simple riff on the French Martini swapping the usual vodka for the more French cognac. Fruity and easy drinking.

Froupe Cocktail image

Froupe Cocktail

A bittersweet, herbal old-school drink that's in line for rediscovery.

Japanese Cocktail image

Japanese Cocktail

Lightly sweetened and diluted cognac flavoured with almond and a hint of spice.

Millennium Cocktail image

Millennium Cocktail

Somewhat reminiscent of a cognac-laced Hawaiian pizza. Yum!

Corpse Reviver No.1 (Gilberg's recipe) image

Corpse Reviver No.1 (Gilberg's recipe)

Boozy, complex and delicious with attractive apple notes and faint anise absinthe influences.

Ole Cocktail image

Ole Cocktail

Cognac and orange with rich vanilla and delicate spice.

Salvatore Legacy image

Salvatore Legacy

Kümmel's bold caraway, cumin and fennel flavours predominate in this cognac-based after-dinner digestive cocktail.

Saratoga Cocktail image

Saratoga Cocktail

This brandy-influenced Sweet Manhattan is best mixed by throwing and enjoyed when the odd bubble still rests on its surface.

Sidecar image


Spirituous and just on the sour side, the sugar rim is considered by some to be integral to this classic cocktail. Dilution is key to perfecting a Sidecar

Very French Martini image

Very French Martini

Cognac, pineapple juice and black raspberry liqueur. OK, so France is not known for its pineapples but I said 'very' not 'totally' French. And yes I know

Young Man Cocktail image

Young Man Cocktail

This particular Young Man is essentially a cognac-based Sweet Manhattan with a splash of orange curaçao. I've used rather more curaçao than the 2 Dashes

Brandy Sangaree image

Brandy Sangaree

Port and Brandy (AKA Randy) are a match made in heaven, here subtly enriched with a touch of sugar.

Cognac Julep image

Cognac Julep

A truly deliciously refreshing cocktail. Woody rancio notes in the cognac are freshened by the mint. Those with a dry palate may want to reduce the sugar

Brandy Flip image

Brandy Flip

A serious alternative to advocaat for those without raw egg inhibitions.

Brandy Milk Punch image

Brandy Milk Punch

This traditional New Orleans hangover cure beats your bog-standard vanilla milkshake.

Burnt Fuselage image

Burnt Fuselage

Cognac and Grand Marnier are well-suited bedfellows in this spirit-forward stiff steadier. Dry vermouth combines with these surprisingly well. Adding balance

Carnaghino image


Cognac, luxurious chocolate and pistachio. What’s not to like?

La Poire des Bénédictines image

La Poire des Bénédictines

Pear and cognac are a match made in heaven. Bénédictine adds honeyed sweetness and herbal complexity to this after-dinner cocktail.

Olympic image


The perfect balance of cognac and orange.

Parisian Sidecar image

Parisian Sidecar

An elderflower-flavoured Sidecar.

Pour Me Another image

Pour Me Another

Raisiny pedro ximénez sherry adds subtle richness to the cognac with hints of flavour from the absinthe and lemon zest. This drink benefits from generous

Terroir  image


Chablis' white wine acidity balances rich nettle cordial in this sweet 'n' sour cognac based cocktail.

Tribute image


Originally made with Martell Cordon Bleu, this sophisticated champagne cocktail has delicate floral notes.

Zoom image


Cognac is smoothed with honey and softened with milk and cream in this classic cocktail.

Black Diamond #2 image

Black Diamond #2

Cognac, vermouth and elderflower liqueur combine harmoniously in this short, boozy cocktail.

Brandy Club Cocktail image

Brandy Club Cocktail

Cognac and zesty orange curacao with sherry. The sugary rim is essential to the balance of this drink.

Claret Cobbler image

Claret Cobbler

Fortified and slightly sweetened wine cooled and lengthened by ice.

Cordial Inviter image

Cordial Inviter

Peach liqueur adds subtle orchard fruit notes to cognac with dry vermouth balancing and added complex wine and botanical complexity.

Golden Ivy image

Golden Ivy

Cognac stirred with rich berry flavours of muscat wine along with the relatively dry berry flavour of cranberry.

Harvard cocktail #2 image

Harvard cocktail #2

Byrrh combines well with cognac in this variation on the classic Harvard.

Irish Alexander image

Irish Alexander

Rich, thick and creamy.

Margaret Duffy image

Margaret Duffy

Spiced and sweetened cognac.

Soir d'Ete (Summer Evening) image

Soir d'Ete (Summer Evening)

Fruity cognac with delicate floral tea notes.

The Roffignac image

The Roffignac

This bright red, fruity drink is simple but tasty.

Too Ache Sidecar image

Too Ache Sidecar

Tuaca replaces Cointreau in this twist on the Sidecar.

Tremblement de Terre (Earthquake) image

Tremblement de Terre (Earthquake)

Absinthe adds a liquorice note to this spirit-forward cognac-based cocktail.

Twisted Sobriety image

Twisted Sobriety

Fortified champagne with a hint of pear.

Unicar image


A mismade but fabulously balanced Sidecar inspired this drink.

A.B.C. Shot image

A.B.C. Shot

A stripy shooter with almond, whiskey, cream and cognac.

Banana Bliss image

Banana Bliss

Banana liqueur and brandy go shockingly well together, here toned with sherry and bitters.

Brandy Blazer image

Brandy Blazer

One way to warm your winter nights.

Chocolate Biscuit  image

Chocolate Biscuit

Sweet and rich, with coffee and chocolate - one to chase dessert.

Christmas Pudding & Custard Cocktail image

Christmas Pudding & Custard Cocktail

As the name suggests this drink combines flavours reminiscent of alcoholic custard with Pedro Ximenez sherry resembling liquid Christmas pudding.

Corpse Reviver No.1 (Savoy recipe) image

Corpse Reviver No.1 (Savoy recipe)

Dry and potent. A 'pick-me-up' hangover cure - or possibly put-you-right-back-down-again!

Fontainebleau Special image

Fontainebleau Special

Cognac, aniseed and vermouth combine in this pleasant after-dinner drink which has a taste reminiscent of minty liquorice.

Hot Toddy (Hot Cognac & Lemon) image

Hot Toddy (Hot Cognac & Lemon)

Warms the cockles with cognac and a good dose of citrus.

Quelle Vie image

Quelle Vie

Kümmel's answer to the Stinger. To quote Harry Craddock, Brandy gives you courage and Kümmel makes you cautious, thus giving you the perfect mixture

Scorched Earth image

Scorched Earth

Dry, very aromatic and bordering on bitter. Interesting but not to everybody's taste.

The Fig Easy image

The Fig Easy

Rich fig and honey fortified with cognac.

K.G.B. image


The initials of this simple peppermint and coffee shooter stand for Kahlúa, Galliano and brandy.