1880 - 1899

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Vintage cocktail books published 1880 to 1899

1880 - Facts About Port and Madeira by Henry Vizetelly (London, England)

1880 - American & Other Drinks (2nd edition) by Leo Engel (London, England)

1882 - Harry Johnson's Bartender's Manual or How To Mix Drinks of the Present Style ("New & Improved") [repro editions] by Harry Johnson (New York, USA)

1883 - Barkeepers' Guide and Gentleman's Sideboard Companion by Patrick McDonough

1884 - Scientific Bar-Keeping

1884 - Behind The Bar - The Complete Bartender Art of Mixing Plain and Fancy Drinks by Albert Barnes (Royal Publishing Co., Philadelphia, USA)

1884 - The Modern Bartender's Guide by O.H Byron (New York, USA).

1884 - How To Mix Drinks-Bar-Keeper's Handbook by George Winter

1884 - A Treatise on the Manufacture of Liquors, Cordials and Bitters, etc. (6th Edition) by Fr.A.Eichler (Philadelphia, USA)

1884 - American and Other Drinks (1st edition) by Charlie Paul

1884 - The Complete Bartender by Albert Barnes

1885 - New Guide for the Hotel, Bar, Restaurant and Chef by Bacchus & Cordon Bleu

1886 - Memoire sur le Vin de Champagne by M. Louis Perrier

1887 - The Bar-tender's Guide; How to Mix Drinks; or The Bon-vivant's Companion (3rd edition) by Jerry Thomas (published posthumously New York, USA).

1887 - Dishes and Drinks by "an old Bohemian" Gustave Louis Maurice Strauss (London, England)

1887 - American & Other Drinks (2nd edition) by C. Paul

1888 - Good Things by Godall & Backhouse

1888 - The Bartender Or How To Mix Drinks by H. Lamore

1888 - Harry Johnson's Bartender's Manual or How To Mix Drinks of the Present Style ("New & Improved") by Harry Johnson (New York, USA)

1888 - The Bartender's Manual (Revised edition) by Theodore Proulx (Chicago, USA)

1888 - New Police Gazette Bartenders Guide (The Bartender or How to Mix Drinks) by Harry Lamore

1889 - The American Bar-Tender's Guide (Australia) by Jerry Thomas

1889 - Méthode pour composer soi-même Les Boissons Américaines Anglaises, Italiennes, etc. by Émile Lefeuvre

1890 - The Art of Drinking by G. G. Gervinus

1890 - Coca and its Therapeutic Application by Angelo Mariani

1890 - Bowlen und Pünsche

1891 - Cocktail Boothby's American Bar-Tender (first edition) by William T. Boothby (San Francisco, USA)

1891 - Wehmann's Bartenders Guide by Henry J.Wehmann
Noted for containing the second known reference to a Martini

1891 - Drinks À La Mode by Mrs De Salis

1892 - The Flowing Bowl - What And When To Drink by 'The Only William' Schmidt (New York, USA)

1892 - Drinks of the World by James Mew and John Ashton

1893 - Beverages & Sandwiches for Your Husband's Friends by 'One Who Knows'

1894 - Mixed Drinks; A Manual for Bar Clerks (1895 edition) by Herbert W. Green (Indianapolis, USA)

1894 - Saxe's New Guide, or Hints to Soda Dispensers (3rd edition) by Saxe, D. W. (Chicago, USA)

1895 - The Mixicologist or How To Mix All Kinds Of Fancy Drinks ("revised edition")by C. F. Lawlor (Cincinnati)

1895 - Modern American Drinks - How to Mix and Serve All Kinds of Cups and Drinks by George J. Kappeler (New York, USA)

1895 - American Bar Tender by R. C. Miller (Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA)

1895 - American and Other Iced Drinks (1902 edition) by Charlie Paul (London, England)
Repro edition with an introduction by Dale DeGroff available to buy on Cocktail Kingdom.

1895 - Official Hand Book and Guide by Bartenders Association, New York City

1895 - Bartender's Guide by The Berner-Mayer Co.

1895 - Mixed Drinks by Herbert W. Green

1896 - Bariana: Recueil de toutes boissons americains et anglaises by Louis Fouquet (Paris, France).
This is the second known French cocktail book.

1896 - Fancy Drinks and Popular Beverages by 'The Only William' Schmidt (New York, USA)

1896 - Drinks of All Kinds by Frederick Davies and Seymour Davies (London, England)

1896 - La Maison Pernod Fils

1898 - Mixology: The Art of Preparing All Kinds of Drinks by Joseph L. Haywood

1898 - Cocktails; How To Make Them

1898 - Before & After Dinner Beverages and a Few Sandwiches (New York, USA)

1898 - Anleitung zur Bereitung Amerikanischer Eis Getränke etc.

1899 - Applegreen's Bar Book (1st edition) by John Applegreen (Chicago, USA)
Subsequent editions in 1904, 1909, 1913.

1899 - Les Boissons Américaines by Niels Larsen

1899 - American-Bar by Aczél Miksa

1899 - Hegenbarth's Getränke-Buch by Max Hegenbarth's Verlag

Books published 1900 to 1909

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