1910 - 1929

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Vintage cocktail books published 1910 to 1929

1910 - Jack's Bar Manual 2nd Edition by Jacob Abraham Grohusko (New York, USA)

1910 - Jack's Bar Manual 3rd Edition by Jacob Abraham Grohusko (New York, USA)

1910 - The Hoffman House Bartender's Guide - How to Open a Saloon and Make It Pay by Charles S. Mahoney (New York, USA)

1910 - The Barkeeper's Manual (2nd Edition) by Raymond E Sullivan

1910 - Das Buch der American Drinks by Richard Andeck

1910 - Manual del Cantinero o Cocktelero Perfecto by E. Moreno

1910 - Toasts; Wines and How to Serve Them by Randolph Rose

1910 - 101 Drinks and How to Mix Them

1911 - Beverages De Luxe, edited by Geo. R. Washburne and Stanley Bronner (Louisville, USA)

1912 - The Hoffman House Bartender's Guide by Charles S. Mahoney (New York, USA)
Repro edition published by Cocktail Kingdom with an introduction by Jim Meehan.

1912 - The Squire's Recipes by Kendall Banning (Chicago, USA)

1912 - 156 Recettes de Boissons Americaines by N. Larsen

1912 - Dr. Siegert's Angostura Bitters

1912 - The Holtz & Freystedt Co. Importers New York

1912 - Recipes of American and other Iced Drinks by Charlie Paul

1912 - The Buffet Blue Book; 322 Mixed Drinks by John H. Considine

1912 - Bartender's Guide How to Mix Drinks by Wehman Bros. (New York, USA)

1912 - El Arte del Cocktelero Europeo by Ignacio Doménech

1913 - Bartender's Manual by the Bartender's Association of America.

1913 - Straub's Manual of Mixed Drinks by Jacques Straub (Chicago, USA).

1913 - The Cocktail Book - A Sideboard Manual for Gentlemen - New Revised Edition published by L. C. Page & Company, Boston, USA.

1913 - Lexikon der Getränk; (First Edition) by John Leybold and Hans Schönfeld

1914 - Drinks by Jacques Straub (Chicago, USA).

1914 - The World's Drinks and How To Mix Them Standard Authority (second edition) by Hon. Wm. (Cocktail) Boothby (San Francisco, USA)

1914 - New Bartender's Guide & The Up-to-Date Bartender's Guide by Harry Montague and anon.

1914 - Beverage de Luxe

1914 - Rawling's Book of Mixed Drinks by Ernest P. Rawling

1914 - The Art of Mixing Them

1915 - Manual del Cantinero by John B. Escalante

1916 - Jack's Bar Manual 4th Edition by Jacob Abraham Grohusko (New York, USA)

1916 - Recipes for Mixed Drinks (1st Edition) Hugo R. Ensslin (New York, USA)
Noted for: the first Aviation recipe and first equal parts Alexander recipe

1916 - Cocktail Ology by Count Benvenito Martini
Noted for: the origin of the Oriental cocktail.

1917 - The Ideal Bartender by Tom Bullock (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
Repro edition published by Cocktail Kingdom with an introduction by Ian Burrell.

1917 - Recipes for Mixed Drinks (2nd Edition) by Hugo R. Ensslin (New York, USA)
Noted for: being the last major pre-Prohibition cocktail book.

1917 - The Reminder (5th edition) by Jacob A. Didier

1917 - Seventy Recipes for Cocktails Cups and Punches by G. G. D. and E. E. F. P.

1919 - Julian's Recipes by Julian Anderson

1919 - Home Made Beverages by Albert A. Hopkins

1920 - Drinks by Jacques Straub (Chicago).

1920 - What to Drink by Bertha E. L. Stockbridge (New York)

1920 - Il Barista Guida del Barman Mixer by Mazzon Ferruccio

1920 - 156 Recettes de Boissons Américaines (Paris, France)

1920 - Metropolitan Club, Washington D. C. Cocktails

1920 - Down The Hatch

1920 - For Snake Bites – or something

16th January 1920 - U.S. Prohibition starts
America was the main driver in the evolution of cocktails, so Prohibition had a dramatic effect on bartending and the cocktail books published during the period.

1921 - One Hundred and One Drinks as They are Mixed: Recipes for Cocktails and Other Beverages by Kuenzle & Streiff

1921 - American Drinks by Victor Hugo Himmelreich

1921 - Guide Du Barman et du Gourmet Chic (1st edition) by A. Torelli

1921 - Le Barman Guide du Limonadier et du Restaurateur by Oliver Mayor

May 1922 - Cocktails: How to Mix Them by Robert Vermeire

1922 - Harry's ABC of Mixing Cocktails

1922 - Home.Made Beverages and American Drinks by M. E. Steedman

1922 - Old Time Recipes for Home Made Wines by Helen S. Wright

1922 - Quelques Recettes pour boissons américaines by Erven Lucas Bols (Amsterdam)

1922 - Hoe Maakt Men American Plain-En Fancy Drinks W. Slagter

1923 - "Harry" of Ciro's ABC of Mixing Cocktails by Christopher & Co. (London, England)

1924 - Manual del Cantinero (Habana, Cuba)

1924 - Home-made Summer & Winter Drinks by M. E. Steedman and C. Herman Senn

1924 - Carlo's Cocktails et Boissons Américaines by Carlo Beltramo

1924 - Das Mixer-buch by A. Brehmer

1924 - Manual Del Barman by Antonio Fernández (Tony)

1924 - Angostura Bitters Centenary 1924 Gift Book of Cocktail and Other Recipes

1925 - About Town Cocktail Book (Vancouver, Canada)

1925 - Drinks-Long and Short by Nina Toye, Arthur H. Adair (W. Heinemann, London).
Noted for the first appearance of the Champs-Élysées cocktail.

1925 - Americana. Eight Cocktail Napkins, Hand Blocked, with Recipes and the Histories of Eight Famous Drinks by Prohibition Cocktail Book

1925 - Buckstone Book of Cocktails by 'Robert' Buckby and George Stone

1925 - Summer Drinks and Winter Cordials by Mrs C. F. Leyel

1925 - L'Art du Shaker by Dominique Migliorero

1925 - Der Mixologist by Carl A. Seutter

March 1926 - The Cocktail Book (New Revised Edition) (3rd Impression)

1926 - Harry's ABC of Mixing Cocktails (4th Edition) by Harry MacElhone.

1926 - Cocktails by W. Slagter

1927 - Here's How! by Judge Jr.

1927 - Here's How! Revised Edition (content almost entirely different to above) by Judge Jr.

1927 - Barflies and Cocktails by Harry McElhone (Paris, France)

1927 - L'Heure du Cocktail by Marcel Requien et al

1927 - El Bar Americano En España by Pedro Chicote

1927 - How to Mix Drinks & How to Serve by Paul E. Lowe

1927 - A Cocktail Continentale by Bruce Reynolds

1927 - 900 Recettes de Cocktails et Boissons Americaines by A. Torelli (Paris, France)

1927 - Pour le Distillateur, le Débitant, le Barman by Paul Fouassier (Paris, France)

1927 - Petits et Grands Verres by Nina Toye and A. H. Adair (Paris, France)

1927 - Cocktails (3rd edition) by Piero Grandi

1927 - Drinks of All Kinds by Frederick Davies and Seymour Davies (London, England)

1927 - El Arte de Hacer un Cocktail y Algo Mas

1927 - Cocktails Bebidas Heladas Ponches de Todas Clases by Maraya Vélez De Sánchez (Paris, France)

1927 - My Pious Friends & Drunken Companions by Frank Shay and John Held Jr.

1927 - The Cocktail Book (St. Botolph Society)

1928 - Here's How Again! by Judge Jr.

1928 - Giggle Water - How to make home-made mixed drinks, cordials, wines, etc. by Charles S Warnock.

1928 - Cheerio! by Charles

1928 - More Pious Friends & Drunken Companions by Frank Shay and John Held Jr.

1928 - When It's Cocktail Time in Cuba by Basil Woon

1928 - 370 Recettes du Cocktails by Jean Lupoiu

1928 - A Few Beverage Recipes

1928 - Goderham & Worts A.B.C. of Mixing Cocktails

1928 - Cocktails by Pedro Chicote

1928 - Recettes de Cocktails pour 1929 by E. Milhorat and J. Alimbau

1928 - Here's How! (3rd printing) by Judge Jr.

1929 - The Bon Vivants Companion or How To Mix Drinks by Professor Jerry Thomas (who died in 1885) edited with an introduction by Herbert Asbury.

1929 - Drawn from the Wood by Frank Shay and John Held Jr.

1929 - Cocktails de Paris Presentes Par RIP

1929 - Here's How Again! by Judge Jr.

1929 - Libro de Cocktail

1929 - Sideboard Manual for Gentlemen

1929 - A Mixer by Schürger Reszó

1929 - Recipes by E. G. G. Smythers Pty. Ltd.

1929 - Rubáiyát of Canada by Stanley Wisdom

1929 - L'Heure du Cocktail by J. Alimbau and E. Milhorat

Books published 1930 to 1934

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