Urban Bar Ginza Tall Cuts Water Highball Glass 8.5oz / 24cl

Urban Bar Ginza Tall Cuts Water 8.5oz / 24cl image 1

Category: Glassware

Sub Category: Tall, collins & highball glasses

Producer: Urban Bar

View 1 cocktail using the Urban Bar Ginza Tall Cuts Highball Glass.

Listed Capacity: 8.5oz / 24cl

Difford's Guide Tested Wash Line: 7.8oz / 220ml
Difford's Guide Tested Brim: 8.8oz / 250ml

Height: 118mm
Width: 62mm
Urban Bar Product Code: UB4132

This lovely glass from Urban Bar features tall vertical slits along the glass and a diamond shape cut around the bottom edge. This 'water' highball sits alongside a range of other Ginza Tall-Cut glassware, such as the Ginza Highball and Ginza Old Fashioned glass, larger and smaller than this one respectively.

The laser treated rim prevents chipping, and the glass is dishwasher safe.