Urban Bar Grantown Tumbler 12oz / 34cl

Urban Bar Grantown Tumbler 12oz / 34cl image 1

Category: Glassware

Sub Category: Old-fashioneds & tumblers

Capacity to brim (ml): 340
Capacity to washline (ml): 310
Height (mm): 95
Width (mm): 87
Product code: SB1055

Producer: Urban Bar

View 1 cocktail using the UB Grantown Tumbler 12oz.

The Grantown Tumbler is perfect as a rocks glass for short stirred cocktails or even as a sophisticated water glass, but was designed for whisky and rums. A slightly inward curving lip helps to accentuate aromas and a small but flat base prevents spillage.

Glasswasher / Dishwasher safe.