Libbey SPKSY (Speakeasy) Coupe Glass 8.5oz/24.5cl

Libbey SPKSY Coupe 8.5oz/24.5cl image 1

Category: Glassware

Sub Category: Cocktail glasses

Producer: Libbey

View 33 cocktails using the Libbey 8.5oz Speakeasy Coupe glass.

Capacity: 8.5oz / 24.5cl
Height: 152 mm
Width: 97 mm
Libby Product Code: 16006.

This traditional coupe features an elegant flat-sided stem designed to accentuate the experience of the cocktail within. This is part of a range of glassware by Libbey under the 'Speakeasy' name, and is made with thick high-quality glass to improve durability.

Dishwasher/glasswasher safe

Libbey SPKSY Coupe 8.5oz/24.5cl image 1