Top 100 Cocktails

16:48 GMT // 9 Jul 2013

Some hot serves feature as we continue our countdown of the top 100 cocktails, plus a New Orleans special, just in time for Tales of the Cocktail next week.

Hot Buttered Rum

Glass: Toddy
Garnish: Cinnamon stick & lemon slice (studded with cloves)
Method: Place bar spoon loaded with honey in warmed glass. Add other ingredients and stir until honey and butter are dissolved.
2 spoon Runny honey
1 knob Unsalted butter
2 shot Bacardi Gold Rum
1 spoon Freshly grated nutmeg
Top up with Boiling water
Comment: In 'The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks', David Embury says, "The Hot Spiced Rum is bad enough, but the lump of butter is the final insult. It blends with the hot rum just about as satisfactorily as warm olive oil blends with champagne!"

It's rare for me to question Embury but I rather like this slightly oily, warming, spicy toddy. This drink is even better when you use heated dry cider in place of boiling water.

Hot Toddy

Glass: Toddy
Garnish: Lemon wedge & cinnamon stick
Method: Place bar spoon loaded with honey in warmed glass. Add other ingredients and stir until honey dissolves.
1 spoon Runny honey
2 shot Dewar's White Label Scotch
½ shot Freshly squeezed lemon juice
½ shot Monin Pure Cane sugar syrup (65°brix, 2:1 sugar/water)
3 dried Clove
Top up with Boiling water
Comment: The smoky flavours in the Scotch add spice to this warming drink that's great when you're feeling down with a cold or the flu.
Origin: Lost in time but Dickens refers to a "Whisky Toddy" in 'The Pickwick Papers'.

For variations see Hot Toddy #2 and Hot Toddy #3


Glass: Hurricane
Garnish: Pineapple wedge & maraschino cherry
Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.
1½ shot Bacardi Superior Rum
1 shot Pusser's Navy rum
1 shot Freshly squeezed orange juice
1 shot Fresh pressed pineapple juice
½ shot Freshly squeezed lime juice
¼ shot Passion fruit syrup
¾ shot Rose's lime cordial
Comment: A strong, tangy, refreshing drink packed with fruit and laced with rum.
Origin: Named after the shape of a hurricane lamp and served in the tall, shapely glass of the same name. Thought to have originated in 1939 at The Hurricane Bar, New York City, but made famous at Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans. Some old cocktail books list a much earlier Hurricane made with cognac, absinthe and vodka.

For variations see Hurricane #2, Hurrican #3 and Hurricane No.1 Original Recipe.

diffordsguide top 100 cocktails

1. Amaretto Sour
2. Americano
3. Aperol Spritz
4. Aviation
5. Bellini
6. Benton's Old Fashioned
7. Black Russian
8. Blazer (Blue Blazer)
9. Blood & Sand
10. Bloody Mary
11. Bobby Burns
12. Bramble
13. Brandy Alexander
14. Breakfast Martini
15. Brandy Crusta
16. Brooklyn
17. Buck's Fizz
18. Caipirinia
19. Champagne Cocktail (AKA Business Brace)
20. Champs-Élysées
21. Clover Club
22. Corn & Oil
23. Corpse Reviver
24. Cosmopolitan
25. Cuba Libre
26. Daiquiri Natural
27. Dark & Stormy
28. Dirty Martini
29. Dry Martini
30. Earl Grey Martini
31. El Diablo
32. Espresso Martini
33. Fish House Punch
34. Flip
35. French 75
36. French Martini
37. Fuego Manzana
38. Gimlet
39. Gin Gin Mule
40. Godfather
41. Hemingway Special (AKA Papa Doble)
42. Honeysuckle Daiquiri
43. Hot Buttered Rum
44. Hot Toddy
45. Hurricane
46. Irish Coffee
47. Jack Rose
48. Kir Royal
49. Last Word
50. Long Island Iced Tea
51. Mai Tai
52. Manhattan (Sweet)
53. Maple Old Fashioned
54. Margarita On-the-Rocks
55. Martinez
56. Mary Pickford
57. Mint Julep
58. Mojito
59. Moscow Mule
60. Negroni
61. Old Fashioned
62. Paloma
63. Pegu Club
64. Penicillin
65. Pimm's Cup
66. Piña Colada
67. Pisco Punch
68. Pisco Sour
69. Planter's Punch
70. Porn Star Martini
71. Ramos Gin Fizz
72. Raspberry Collins
73. Ricky
74. Rob Roy
75. Rum Punch
76. Russian Spring Punch
77. Rusty Nail
78. Sangaree (Sangria)
79. Sangrita
80. Sazerac
81. Sidecar
82. Silk Stockings
83. Singapore Sling
84. Sour Apple Martini
85. Spritz al Bitter (made with Campari)
86. Ti' Punch
87. Tom Collins
88. Tommy's Margarita
89. Treacle
90. Vesper
91. Vieux Carré
92. Vodka Collins
93. Vodkatini (AKA Kangaroo)
94. Wibble
95. Whiskey Daisy
96. Whiskey Sour
97. Whiskey Smash
98. White Lady
99. White Russian
100. Zombie