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diffordsguide is widely regarded by members of the drinks industry as being the most complete and authoritative cocktail publication available. Since 2001 this trusted title has built a loyal following amongst the top international bartending fraternity as well as discerning drinkers and keen amateur mixologists.

Within diffordsguide applications, each and every cocktail recipe stipulates the correct glass and illustrates how the finished drink should look with a colour photograph. Many cocktails also name their creator and have a story attached.

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Cocktails #9

(iPhone and HD on iPad)

  • 200+ new/updated cocktails
  • 2800+ cocktails
  • ALL recipes include photo
  • Interactive cocktail cabinet
  • All rated by Simon Difford
  • Extensive filters
  • My Bar feature
  • 'If you like this' feature
  • Rate the cocktails.
  • Create your favourites
  • Bartenders basics
  • Bartenders kit
  • Essentials list
  • Garnish info
  • Email recipes
  • Twitter or Facebook
  • Operates offline
  • Intro by Simon Difford
  • Landscape or portrait mode (on iPad)
  • Shake For Random Cocktails (on iPhone)

Both Cocktails Made Easy and Cocktails #9 applications allow users to search for cocktails by name or specific ingredients. All recipes in Cocktails Made Easy can be made with just 14 easy to find bottles, while Cocktails #9 displays recipes made with numerous different liqueurs and spirits.

diffordsguide Cocktail applications allow the user to build their own drink's cabinet and then, using the 'My Bar' button, display cocktail recipes using those bottles. Having made and found a drink you like, mark that recipe as a favourite.

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Cocktails Made Easy

(iPhone and Android)

  • 500+ cocktails
  • Full screen photography
  • All rated by Simon Difford
  • Add your own rating
  • Create favourite lists
  • Interactive cabinet
  • Shake for random drink
  • Email your friends
  • Operates offline
  • Loads more features
  • Cocktail of the day (Android only)

Simon Difford DELIVERS
(US iTunes Review Tiki Bar TV)
.... Simon's books blend masterful mixology with absolutely gorgeous graphic design...... this app has the same classy design and fantastic cocktails as Simon's books. The writing is clean and witty. The drinks? Delicious.

(K iTunes review)
I didn't think that this application would be up to the same standard set by the book (which is THE definitive cocktail bible), but I couldn't have been more wrong! It's every bit as informative as the book, and the fact that it's interactive - it lists the cocktails that you can make from the drinks in your cabinet - makes it even easier to use. And at the price of half a pint of beer, it's astonishingly under-priced for such a brilliant application.

(UK iTunes review)
Looks as good as the books, fits in the pocket

Please Enjoy Cocktails Responsibly. We recommend you see and just so you don't say "you should have told us so" we would also like you to note the following:

  • * This guide is intended for adults of legal drinking age.
  • * Consumption of alcohol can in excess be harmful to your health.

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