3 December

Joseph Conrad's Birthday

Smokey Joe

So we are drinking a...

Smokey Joe

The man who brought us Heart of Darkness, the book that inspired the film Apocalypse Now, Joseph Conrad was born in Poland on this day in 1857, and christened Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski.

Conrad's early years were spent at sea, exploring the world's furthest corners, and as a born storyteller he later pulled his experiences together to create a body of enduring fiction, thus fulfilling another of his childhood ambitions. Despite growing up Polish and being educated in French, Conrad chose to write in English, a language he only learned in his twenties, because "it's so plastic - if you haven't got a word you need you can make it".

As a chain-smoker, we reckon Joseph would have appreciated the peat-smoke richness of our cocktail of the day, the fabulous Smokey Joe.

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