22 February

Today is Margarita Day

So we are drinking a...

Tommy's Margarita

There are days for most things in the United States, but Margarita Day is, as cocktailians, a subject very close to our hearts. Because, no matter who invented this classic cocktail, or added a salt rim to a Picador, the Margarita is a seriously under-rated drink.

For those in the northern hemisphere February is a little cold for a frozen Margarita but no weather is too chilly for a Tommy's Margarita, made with agave nectar in lieu of the usual triple sec, and if you haven't tried this phenomenal variation we strongly recommend you do. Perhaps also consider a Mezcal Margarita or check our page on the Margarita for many more suggestions and this cocktail's full story.

It is also Don The Beachcomber's birthday

Somewhere in Texas this day back in 1907, Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt came into the world. He left home aged 19 and changed his name to Don the Beachcomber. He travelled round the Pacific before settling in Hollywood, and opening up the tiki-tastic 'Don's Beachcomber Café where he lured in celebrities with exotic dishes and potent rum cocktails. Don fought in Europe in WWII, and his wife managed Don the Beachcomber which became a 16-branch chain.

When Sunny and Don divorced, Sunny, took control of the restaurants, meaning that Don couldn't open a Don the Beachcomber in the US anymore. Being the free-thinker he was, Don moved to Hawaii instead and settled in Waikki, where he opened up an entire Polynesian Village centring round a banyan tree!

Don, and his fellow tiki entrepreneur, Trader Vic had an ongoing disagreement over who invented the Mai Tai. We've both recipes on Difford's Guide, but it only seems right that we mix up Don's version today.

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