3 July

Pitcairn Ahoy!

So we are drinking a...


This day, in 1767, 15-year-old Midshipman Robert Pitcairn, on board the British sloop HMS Swallow, sighted the islands which were to take his name.

Pitcairn Island went on to achieve notoriety in 1790, when nine mutineers from Captain Bligh's HMS Bounty and their Tahitian companions settled there and set fire to the stolen ship. They'd long since set Captain Bligh and a few loyal men adrift in a seven metre (23 foot) launch.

About 50 people currently live on the island, some of whom are thought to be descendants of the original settlers.

Because we wish we could find ourselves washed up on a lovely island, just for a day or two, today we'll be drinking an Islander.

It's Tom Cruise's birthday

In 1988 a movie came out that would change bartending for the big end of a generation. Cocktail!

And today the man who brought style-over-substance bartending to cinemas around the globe celebrates his birthday. Although, in that mysterious Hollywood manner, he doesn't seem to look any older than he did a decade ago.

It must be said, we are enjoying some of the late era Tom Cruise. His turn as the evil disco-dancing producer in Tropic Thunder was a piece of creative genius, while we also enjoyed that little thing on South Park. You know. The one where he's trapped in a, umm, cupboard...

Moving swiftly on... Cocktail! may have marked the death knell of Tiki, but today that fine style of drink is once again resurgent. So we are wishing Mr Cruise the best with a Trader Vic fave, the Aku Aku.

It's also Tracey Emin's birthday

Tracey Emin, once the ultimate art wildchild, celebrates her birthday today. Born in Croydon, England this day in 1963, she is probably best known for presenting her unmade bed, complete with period-stained knickers, vodka bottles and condom wrappers, as an art piece.

As a Young British Artist, alongside Damien Hirst and Sarah Lucas as one of the generation championed by Charles Saatchi, she sprang to fame after appearing drunk and leery on a Channel 4 live discussion.

Nothing's off-limits in Tracey's world - she's painted herself masturbating, dedicated works to her two abortions and more. Today, though, she's a professor of drawing at the Royal Academy, a newspaper columnist, a multimillionaire and rising rapidly to the status of a national treasure. So, we're toasting her with a Purple Flirt, in honour of her Purple Virgin series.

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