24 July

Tequila Day


So we are drinking a...


Today is National Tequila Day in the USA, and so by extension simply Tequila Day in other agave-loving countries. Bars around the world will be knocking out Margaritas in honour of the Mexican national spirit and we're certainly joining them.

Our drink of the day? Well, given it's late July, a superbly refreshing Paloma seems appropriate - easy to make and all too easy to drink.

If you, like us, are going to exclusively drink agave spirits today, then may we suggest 20 more outstanding tequila cocktails.

Today is also Simón Bolívar's Birthday

Simón Bolívar, the liberator of much of South America, was born on this day in 1783. So two of the countries he helped to liberate, Venezuela and Ecuador, have a holiday today in his memory.

In Venezuela, where Bolívar was born, and Bolivia, the nation which bears his name, he is virtually a sacred figure, under his title El Libertador. A general of extraordinary talent, he drove out numerically superior Spanish forces from much of what is today Latin America.

A lover, as well as a fighter, Bolívar wooed many of the great beauties of his time and spent a lot of time on his grooming - and a lot of money on aftershave. Yet he was also happy staying up all night drinking and/or playing cards with his soldiers.

In commemoration of his role as liberator, we are enjoying a Free Town an after-dinner cocktail based on that Latin American favourite, rum, with port.

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