9 March

Barbie went on sale this day

So we are drinking a...

Pink Palace

From a humble toy manufacturer came one of the world’s biggest brands, Barbie, or to give the doll her full name, Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Barbie was conceived by Ruth Handler when she noticed her daughter giving adult characters to her dolls, who in those days were all modelled after children. Ruth's husband was a co-founder of the Mattel toy company, which still produces Barbie and her extended family today.

The first Barbie doll was sold today in 1959, wearing a black and white zebra striped swimsuit and signature topknot ponytail, and was available as either a blonde or brunette. We're toasting over half a century of playtime with Barbie by mixing a Pink Palace, a drink we're sure Barbara would enjoy.

It's also Amerigo's birthday

On this day in 1454, Amerigo Vespucci was born in Florence, Italy. He'd go on to give his name to not one but two continents - the Americas.

A genius navigator, Amerigo sailed from Europe to South America at least twice - and possibly as many as five times. His letters about the bizarre and wonderful things he saw became bestselling travel literature.

And, after Columbus died believing that America was in fact Asia, Amerigo was the first person to recognise that the continents were altogether new. A map maker took the decision to call the continent after him - and the name stuck.

As an Italian national who sailed for both the Spanish and Portuguese and gave his name to a Latin and an Anglo continent, we're toasting this citzen of the world with an Americano, created in Milan, and favoured by Americans.