12 November

Anniversary of the 1st Nessie 'picture'

Nessie cocktail

So we are drinking a...

Nessie cocktail

On this day in 1933, a gentleman named Hugh Gray was out for a stroll along the banks of Loch Ness, the largest freshwater lake in the UK, when he saw a mysterious creature break the water, pulled out his camera, and grabbed a shot.

Or did he? Many believe that his photograph is simply a blurred shot of a dog swimming with a stick in its mouth, or perhaps an otter, or a seal at play. But with that photograph, a booming industry was born. Cryptozoologists have taken to Loch Ness with tools from sonar to submersibles and found... Well, nothing much.

The closest find, in fact, happened on March 31, when a mysterious, rotted body of a green, scaly creature was found washed up on the shore. It was, in fact, a dead bull seal, planted there by a zoologist as an April Fool's joke on his colleagues.

We have a soft spot for Nessie, although we rather suspect she's likely to be a stranded seal than any freakish prehistoric creature, and so we're toasting hoaxers everywhere with an aptly named Nessie Cocktail, or you may prefer a Loch Almond.

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