15 September

The Sun's Birthday

Red Snapper

So we are drinking a...

Red Snapper

Where would we be without The Sun, the red top tabloid that shapes British politics and daily life to quite a frightening degree?

Well, we'd probably have many fewer boobs in newsagents, for starters. The Sun broke boundaries of convention by debuting its first Page Three girl, the bare-breasted teenagers providing daily commentary on topical issues, soon after Rupert Murdoch took it over. Yet the original Sun was a very different beast.

Launched on this day in 1964 to replace the failing left-wing newspaper, the Daily Herald, it was, in fact, a socially radical broadsheet. Yet the country was not ready for such solemn fare. And, as Rupert Murdoch would go on to prove, we really wanted shock, sensation and lightweight titillation. Happy Birthday, we are toasting the 'Currant Bun' and its witty headlines with a Red Snapper.

International Dot Day

Today is about making your mark as part of a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration.

The concept originated when on this day in 2009, teacher Terry Shay introduced his classroom to Peter H. Reynolds' book The Dot. In it, a patient teacher starts a girl on a journey of self-discovery simply by encouraging her to have the confidence in her own ability to put a small dot on a piece of paper.

We're taking a grown-up stance on the day and drinking a Martini with a Spot - it includes a spot of absinthe.

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